NAMESPACE(6)                                         NAMESPACE(6)

          namespace - name space description file

          Namespace files describe how to construct a name space from
          scratch, an operation normally performed by the newns or
          addns subroutines (see auth(2)) which is typically called by
          init(8). Each line specifies one name space operation.
          Spaces and tabs separate arguments to operations; no quotes
          or escapes are recognized.  Blank lines and lines with # as
          the first non-space character are ignored.  Environment
          variables of the form $name are expanded within arguments,
          where name is a UTF string terminated by white space, a /,
          or a $.

          The known operations and their arguments are:

          mount [-abcC] servename old [spec]
             Mount servename on old.
          bind [-abcC]  new old
             Bind new on old.
          import [-abc] host [remotepath] mountpoint
             Import remotepath from machine server and attach it to
          cd dir
             Change the working directory to dir.
          unmount [new] old
             Unmount new from old, or everything mounted on old if new
             is missing.
             Clear the name space with rfork(RFCNAMEG).
          . path
             Execute the namespace file path. Note that path must be
             present in the name space being built.

          The options for bind, mount, and import are interpreted as
          in bind(1) and import(4).

          bind(1), namespace(4), init(8)