IMPORT(4)                                               IMPORT(4)

          import - import 9P resources from another system

          import [ -dfx ] [ -n ns ] [ -p prog ] [ -s service ] system

          Import presents the 9P service service (default plumb) run-
          ning on system as a service on the local system, in the cur-
          rent name space.

          The -n option sets the remote name space directory where
          import should expect to find service. If it is not speci-
          fied, import uses name of the local system's name space
          directory.  (Since name space directories are conventionally
          inside /tmp, the path have different meanings on the two

          Import connects to system using ssh(1). It invokes import on
          the remote system to carry out the remote side of the proto-
          col.  The -p option specifies the path to import on the
          remote system, in case it is not in the system search path.

          The -d option turns on debugging.  The -f option keeps
          import from forking itself into the background, also useful
          for debugging.

          The -x option reverses the roles of the two machines,
          exporting the service to, instead of importing it from, the
          remote system.

          Suppose you run sam -r to the CPU server anna. Sam wants to
          talk to a plumber on the local terminal, but the file names
          will refer to files on anna.

          To fix this problem, create a new name space directory and
          start a new plumber on anna:

               ssh anna mkdir $remotens
               ssh anna NAMESPACE=$remotens plumber

          Now import that plumber to the local name space before
          starting sam and 9term:

               mkdir $NAMESPACE
               import -n $remotens -s plumb anna
               sam &

     IMPORT(4)                                               IMPORT(4)

               9term ssh anna &


          9pserve(4), intro(4)