GET9ROOT(3)                                           GET9ROOT(3)

          get9root, unsharp - get path to root of Plan 9 tree

          #include <u.h>
          #include <libc.h>

          char*     get9root(void)

          char*     unsharp(char *path)

          This tree of Plan 9 software is conventionally installed in
          but may be installed in other places (for example, users
          without the ability to write to /usr/local may with to
          install it in their own home directories).  The environment
          variable $PLAN9 should contain the path to the root.
          Get9root returns a static pointer to the pathname of root,
          first checking $PLAN9 and defaulting to .

          The lack of a fixed location for the Plan 9 tree makes it
          difficult to hard-code paths to files. Unsharp replaces a
          leading #9 in path with the root of the tree.  Unsharp also
          replaces a leading #d with the path to the underlying
          system's file descriptor dup device, typically /dev/fd.  The
          string returned from unsharp, if different from path, should
          be freed with free (see malloc(3)) when no longer needed.

          As a convention, programs should never unsharp paths
          obtained from user input.

          The plumber(4) uses this code to find unrooted file names
          included by plumb rules.

               snprint(buf, sizeof buf, "#9/plumb/%s", name);
               fd = open(unsharp(buf), OREAD);



          Get9root could be smarter about finding the tree when $PLAN9
          is not set.