SNARFER(1)                                             SNARFER(1)

          snarfer - manage the snarf buffer

          snarfer [ -v ]

          Snarfer watches the snarf buffer for changes.  Each time a
          program changes the snarf buffer contents, snarfer copies
          the new contents and then takes over control of the buffer.
          Because the snarf buffer contents are managed by snarfer
          instead of by individual programs, the contents remain
          available even after the program that wrote them exits.

          The -v option, intended for debugging, causes snarfer to
          print the new snarf buffer contents each time it changes.

          On Mac OS X, running snarfer keeps the X11 snarf buffer in
          sync with the Carbon snarf buffer, working around a bug in
          the OS X X11 server.  See getsnarf(3) for more details.


          Unix's xclipboard(1), getsnarf(3)

          Both xclipboard and snarfer want sole control of the snarf
          buffer.  Running both at the same time will pass the snarf
          buffer back and forth between them in an infinite loop.