RESAMPLE(1)                                           RESAMPLE(1)

          resample - resample a picture

          resample [ -x size ] [ -y size ] [ file ]

          Resample resamples its input image (default standard input)
          to a new size.  The image is decimated or interpolated using
          a Kaiser window.

          The size of the resampled image can be specified with the -x
          and -y options.  An unadorned value sets the number of pix-
          els of that dimension; a suffixed percent sign specifies a
          percentage.  If only one of -x or -y is given, the other
          dimension is scaled to preserve the aspect ratio of the
          original image.  Thus, -x50% will reduce the image to half
          its original dimension in both x and y.

          The input should be a Plan 9 image as described in image(6),
          and the output will be a compressed 24-bit r8g8b8 image.  To
          uncompress the image or change the pixel format, use iconv
          (see crop(1)).


          crop(1), image(6)

          Faster algorithms exist, but this implementation produces
          correct pictures.