MOUNT(1)                                                 MOUNT(1)

          mount, unmount - change name space

          mount servename mtpt

          unmount mtpt

          Mount mounts a 9P server's files into the file system.
          Servename is typically either the name of a Unix domain
          socket (see namespace(4)) or the name or IP address of a
          machine serving 9P over TCP port 564.

          Unmount undoes the effects of the mount command.

          9P services can be mounted on Unix systems in multiple ways.
          On Linux, mount uses the native 9P kernel module when pre-
          sent.  Otherwise it tries to use 9pfuse(4) with the FUSE
          file system module.  Using the 9P kernel module requires
          root access.  FUSE can often be used by regular users.  On
          FreeBSD, mount tries to use FUSE.

          Since Unix already has a mount command, the version
          described in this manual page should be invoked as 9 mount.

          Mount acme(4) onto /mnt/acme :

               9 mount `namespace`/acme /mnt/acme

          View your plumbing rules:

               9 mount `namespace`/plumb /mnt/plumb
               cat /mnt/plumb/rules


          intro(4), intro(9p), 9pfuse(4)