KILL(1)                                                   KILL(1)

          kill, slay, start, stop - print commands to manipulate

          kill name ...

          slay name ...

          start name ...

          stop name ...

          Kill prints commands that will cause all processes with name
          and owned by the current user to be terminated.  Each com-
          mand is commented with an output line from ps(1) describing
          the process that would be killed.  Use the send command of
          9term(1), or pipe the output of kill into rc(1) or sh(1) to
          execute the commands.

          Kill suggests sending a Unix TERM signal to the process;
          sending a KILL signal is a surer, if heavy handed, kill, but
          is necessary if the offending process is ignoring signals.
          The slay command prints commands to do this.

          Stop prints commands to pause execution of processes by
          sending them the STOP signal.

          Start prints commands to restart stopped processes by send-
          ing them the CONT signal.


          ps(1), notify(3)

          Stop and start should limit themselves to currently running
          or stopped processes.