CODEREVIEW(1)                                       CODEREVIEW(1)

          codereview - review of submitted changes (experimental)

          hg diff path ...

          codereview path ...

          codereview -i issue path ...

          Codereview uploads suggested changes to the code review
          server and sends email to reviewers.
          It must be used from within a Plan 9 from User Space tree
          checked out via Mercurial (see hg(1)).

          A developer makes changes to a local copy of the tree and
          reviews them locally using hg diff . When the changes are
          ready for external review, the developer creates a review
          issue by running codereview naming the files to be reviewed.
          Codereview prompts for a Google Accounts user name and pass-
          word to log in to and create
          a new review issue.  Once created, it prints a line like
          Issue created. URL:
          among other output.

          The reviewer will likely respond with comments and sugges-
          tions for improving the submission.  After making the
          changes, reupload by repeating the codereview command with
          the -i option to specify the issue number (in the above
          example, 96161).

          Once the reviewer accepts the changes, they will be applied
          automatically using the patch uploaded to the review server.
          To update the local tree, run hg pull with the -u option.

          The codereview command should be replaced by a proper Mercu-
          rial extension.

          Making changes to the repository via patches discards the
          executable bit on new shell scripts.