SNARF(4)                                                 SNARF(4)

          snarf - shared clipboard file system

          o/snarf [ -abcd ] [ -m mnt ] ...

          Snarf is a file server that mounts itself above /chan to
          intercept I/O to /chan/snarf and maintain a shared clip-
          board. But note that it does not bind above /dev (so that
          /dev/snarf still refers to the local clipboard). The program
          assumes that snarf(3) is already bound if needed.

          The clipboard is kept at /mnt/snarf/buffer which is expected
          to be a file shared among the cooperating machines.

          When /chan/snarf is written snarf updates the shared clip-
          board and the local one and then posts an event to ports(4)
          with the string /mnt/snarf/buffer to let others know of the
          update.  When snarf receives such event it reads the shared
          clipboard and updates the local one.

          Flag -m can be used to ask snarf to mount itself at mnt.
          Options -abc determine the mount flag, as in bind(1). Flag
          -d is used to debug the program, and makes it very verbose.