NETGET(2)                                               NETGET(2)

          Netget, announce, terminate - octopus network service
          registering module

          include "netget.m";
          netget := load Netget Netget->PATH;

          init:     fn(nil: ref Draw->Context, args: list of string);
          announce: fn(name: string, spec: string) : string;
          ndb: fn() : string;
          terminate: fn();

          Netget simplifies (and unifies) how network services are
          registered in the octopus.  It can be used to register any
          service provided by a file server, or by any other means.
          Refer to netget(1) for a description of how to use this mod-
          ule as a command, and for the behaviour of the module.

          Init should not be called. It is meant to provide a command
          interface for the module.

          Announce announces the service with name name and attributes
          as said in spec. See netget(1) for a description of these
          arguments and an example. It does so by registering with the
          registry mounted at /mnt/registry or reached by dialing
          tcp!pc!registry (if /mnt/registry did not contain a reg-

          The function ndb returns a string with attribute/value pairs
          using the format of ndb(6), and can be used to determine
          what has indeed been registered.

          Terminate ceases registration for the service.