MVOICE(2)                                               MVOICE(2)

          mcamera - machine dependent camera support

          include "mcamera.m";
          mcamera := load Mcamera Mcamera->PATH;

          init:          fn(): string;
          takejpg:  fn():  (array of byte, int);

          The function init initializes the module. Call it first.

          Takejpg takes a photograph using the host system (e.g.
          apple's isight).  First of all, it checks if the required
          mechanisms are installed in the host system.  It returns an
          array of bytes containing a JPEG image. The size of the
          image is 640x480. It also returns the number of bytes in the

          This is a host-dependent module. Refer to the source section
          to see the supported platforms. The file server camera(4)
          uses this module.


          Only for MacOSX. MacOSX version actually uses a command
          named isightcapture, that should be installed in the host
          system, in a directory included in the host's $PATH (e.g
          /usr/bin). This command can be downloaded from
  An Inferno driver should be