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     DOSSRV(4)                                               DOSSRV(4)

          dossrv, 9660srv - DOS/Windows and ISO 9660 file systems

          dossrv [-v] [-s] [-F] [-c] [ -f devicefile ] [ -m mountpoint
          ] [ -S sectors/track ]

          9660srv [-rab] cdfile dir

          Dossrv makes the contents of a DOS/Windows file system visi-
          ble in the Inferno name space.  The options are:

          -v   print a debugging trace, including Styx messages, on
               standard error

          -F   display FAT information

          -c   display cluster data and I/O activity

          -s   standard ouput is connected to a client; serve that

          -f devicefile
               the DOS/Windows file system image; defaults to

          -m mountpoint
               The directory where the contents of the file system
               should appear; defaults to /n/dos.

          -S sectors/track
               The number of sectors per track. The default is 9.

          9660srv performs a similar function for files (notably
          CDROMs) in ISO9660 format, including the Rock Ridge exten-
          sion and its Plan 9 variant.  It makes the contents of
          cdfile visible in the name space at dir. The options are
          those of bind(1): -r, to replace the contents of dir; -a, to
          make a union directory with the CD contents after the con-
          tents of dir; -b, to make a union directory with the CD con-
          tents before the contents of dir.


          Dossrv cannot handle all the FAT32 extensions.