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     SYS-TOKENIZE(2)                                   SYS-TOKENIZE(2)

          tokenize - split string into words

          include "sys.m";
          sys := load Sys Sys->PATH;

          tokenize: fn(s, delim: string): (int, list of string);

          Tokenize breaks s into words separated by characters in
          delim. The returned tuple holds the number of words and an
          ordered list of those words (whose hd gives the leftmost
          word from s).

          Words are delimited by the maximal sequences of any charac-
          ter from the delim string.  Tokenize skips delimiter charac-
          ters at the beginning and end of s, so each element in the
          returned list has non-zero length.

          If s is nil or contains no words, tokenize returns a count
          of zero and a nil list.

          Delim may be nil or the empty string, specifying no delim-
          iter characters.  The resulting word list will be nil (if s
          is nil or the empty string) or a single-item list with a
          copy of s.