NTSRV(10.1)                 (Windows)                 NTSRV(10.1)

          ntsrv - start hosted Inferno as Windows service

          ntsrv add svcname rootdir cmd [arg ... ]

          ntsrv del svcname

          Ntsrv is a command (for Windows only) that allows hosted
          Inferno to run automatically as a Windows service, under
          Windows 2000 and XP.  For Windows NT, use the command
          ntsrv4, which otherwise has identical interface.  Svcname is
          the (proposed) Windows service name; rootdir is the root of
          the Inferno directory tree, including the drive letter.
          Once added, a service can be controlled using the Windows
          service manager: it may be stopped, started, or have its
          attributes changed.  Svcname is set to start automatically
          when Windows starts up.  Services run by default under the
          local Windows `System' identity.  All Windows processes and
          threads the service creates (eg, using cmd(3)) are destroyed
          when the service is stopped.  There may be many different
          services, each with a distinct svcname.

          Ntsrv 's first parameter tells it what to do:

          add  Add a new service svcname that when started will invoke
               emu(1) to run the Inferno command cmd with any addi-
               tional arguments.

          del  Delete an existing service svcname.

          Ntsrv requires the directory rootdir/Nt/386/bin to contain
          both emu.exe (ie, emu(1)) and ntsrv.exe itself.

          rootdir/Nt/386/bin     Windows host executables