KBDPUTC(10.2)                                       KBDPUTC(10.2)

          kbdputc, kbdrepeat, kbdclock, kbdq - keyboard interface to

          #include "keyboard.h"

          void    kbdputc(Queue *q, int c)

          void    kbdrepeat(int on)

          void    kbdclock(void)

          extern  Queue *kbdq;

          This is the internal interface between /dev/keyboard of
          cons(3) and the architecture-dependent keyboard driver.
          Before calling any of these functions, the global variable
          kbdq must be initialised; cons(3) does not initialise it.
          This is usually done during system initialisation by the
          keyboard driver's kbdinit function , as follows:

               kbdq = qopen(4*1024, 0, 0, 0);
               qnoblock(kbdq, 1);

          Kbdputc puts a 16-bit Unicode character c (ie, a `rune') on
          the given q, as a sequence of bytes in UTF-8 encoding (see
          utf(6)). If c is the special value Latin (defined by
          keyboard.h), kbdputc starts collecting characters, looking
          for the typeable representations of Unicode characters
          defined by keyboard(6); at the end of a complete such
          sequence, kbdputc queues the UTF-8 encoding of the corre-
          sponding Unicode character.  It is up to the keyboard driver
          to map a suitable physical keyboard character (or combina-
          tion of characters) to the code Latin.

          Drivers that need to implement repeat of keypresses in soft-
          ware should call


          at the end of kbdinit, to cause kbdclock to be called each
          clock tick.  Kbdrepeat can then be called to enable (on is
          non-zero) or disable it (on is zero).  When repeat is on,
          kbdclock (when called) will periodically call
          kbdputc(kbdq,c) where c is the last rune given to kbdputc.
          The driver is responsible for enabling and disabling repeat
          appropriately; for instance, function keys and certainly
          Latin should typically not be repeated.

     KBDPUTC(10.2)                                       KBDPUTC(10.2)


          cons(3), utf(6), qio(10.2)