WISH(1)                                                   WISH(1)

          wish - interface to the Tk graphics toolkit

          wish [ file ... ]

          wm/wish [ -k ] [ -f file ]

          Wish provides a Tcl command line interface to the Limbo/Tk
          graphics toolkit.  The input should be in the format of Tcl
          or Tk commands (see intro(9)). There are two variants.

          Plain wish must be run from the Inferno console instead of
          mux(1) or wm(1). It takes input from each file in turn, then
          prompts for further commands from the standard input.  Its
          commands operate on a Tk toplevel covering the whole screen.

          Wm/wish runs instead in a shell window under wm(1). It reads
          initial input from the optional file, then prompts for fur-
          ther commands on its standard input unless the -k option is
          given.  Its commands operate on the Tk toplevel of a new
          window created by Wmlib->titlebar (see wmlib(2)), initially
          titled WishPad.

          The following special input sequences are recognised:

          \n   newline

          \t   tab

          \b   backspace

          \\   backslash



          sh-tk(1), tkcmd(1), tk(2), intro(9)

          Arguably this has been superseded by sh-tk(1) for scripting
          Tk applications, and tkcmd(1) for development and testing of
          Tk configurations for use by Limbo programs.