VACGET(1)                                               VACGET(1)

          vacget, vacput - venti archive utilities

          vacget [ -vdpt ] [ -a addr ] vac:score
          vacput [ -vd ] [ -a addr ] [ -b blocksize ] [ -n name ] path

          Vacget retrieves a venti archive from a venti server to the
          current working directory.

          Vacput writes a venti archive to a venti server.  The paths
          are walked recursively and all files and directories written
          to the archive.  Temporary files, i.e. those with the DMTMP
          bit set, are skipped.  Writing only changed files relative
          to a previously written archive is not implemented.

          -d   Print debug messages.

          -p   Try to preserve file permissions and owner/group.  Only
               for vacget.

          -v   Be verbose.  Prints files as they are being retrieved
               or written.

          -t   List files, do not write them.  Only for vacget.

          -a address
               Dial address instead of the default venti server.

          -b blocksize
               Use blocks with blocksize bytes instead of the default
               8192 byte blocks.  Only for vacput.

          -n name
               Use name as the name in the root block.  Only for vac-


          vcache(1), venti(2), vacfs(4), ventisrv(8)

          These tools need more testing.