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     SORT(1)                                                   SORT(1)

     NAME()                                                     NAME()

              sort - sort file

          sort [ -nr ] [ file ]

          Sort sorts the lines of file (default: standard input) and
          writes the sorted output to standard output.

          Whole lines are sorted into increasing order, using lexico-
          graphic ordering of Unicode characters by default.  The sort
          is stable, so that lines that compare equal will appear in
          the output in the same order as in the original file.  The
          sort order is affected by the following options:

          -n   Each line is assumed to have an initial numeric string
               representing an integer, with optional plus or minus
               sign, and the lines are sorted by those numeric values
               into increasing order.

          -r   Reverses the sense of comparisons.

          The entire file is read into memory to be sorted.