SENDMAIL(1)                                           SENDMAIL(1)

          sendmail - send mail messages

          sendmail [ recipient ... ]

          Sendmail sends mail to each recipient named as an argument.
          It reads its standard input to get the text of the message.
          If no recipient is named, the recipient(s) will be taken
          from the message header.

          The mail message is scanned for lines beginning ``From:'',
          ``To:'' and ``Cc:''.
          If no `from' line is found, the sender is assumed to be the
          current user. The recipient(s) of the message can be men-
          tioned as arguments or in a list of names in a ``To:'' line
          but not as both. If the sender's name is unqualified (is
          just a user name), sendmail appends the value of the envi-
          ronment variable `DOMAIN'.

          Sendmail delivers the mail using the module smtp(2), which
          connects to a mail server running the Simple Mail Transport
          Protocol (SMTP), using the symbolic host name $MAILSERVER
          (see db(6)).


          smtp(2), db(6)