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     NS(1)                                                       NS(1)

          ns - display current namespace

          ns [ -r ] [ pid ]

          Ns displays the construction of the namespace of the given
          pid, or its own (as inherited) by default.  Based on the
          contents of /prog/pid/ns, it prints on standard output a
          sequence of bind and mount commands (see bind(1)) that might
          reconstruct the same name space if executed.  In practice,
          mounts of services such as ftpfs(4) often refer to the names
          of pipe ends that are now inaccessible.  Furthermore, if any
          file involved has been renamed since the mount or bind, the
          original name of the file is shown.

          Mounts of file services on a network show the network
          address as given to sys-dial(2) instead of the name of the
          data file for the connection; the -r option causes ns to
          show the raw file name instead.


          bind(1), prog(3), namespace(4), namespace(6)