MAN(1)                                                     MAN(1)

          man, wm/man, man2html, man2txt, lookman, sig - print or find
          manual pages

          man [ -b ] [ -n ] [ -p ] [ -S ] [ -w ] [ section ... ] title
          man -f file ...
          wm/man [ section ... ] title ...
          wm/man -f file ...
          man2html [ -h header ] [ -i initial ] [ -t trailer ] file [
          section ]
          man2txt [ -p width ] [ file ... ]
          lookman [ -f ] keyword ...

          sig function ...

          Both man and wm/man locate entries in this manual and dis-
          play them.  The pages for entries named title within each
          specified section are displayed.  If no sections are speci-
          fied, matching pages from all sections are printed.  Sec-
          tions are given by number.

          The -f option to man and wm/man prevent lookup in the manual
          index.  Instead, the remaining arguments are treated as
          filenames.  Man processes each file in turn.  Wm/man adds
          each file to its page history and displays the first docu-
          ment in the list.

          The man command prints the manual pages as formatted plain
          text to standard output.  Manual pages are written using
          Plan9 troff -man macros for their markup and so some detail
          is lost in conversion to plain text.  Wm/man displays the
          pages in a graphical Wm window, providing a more faithful
          reproduction of the intended layout.

          Man also accepts the following options:

          -b   Print the pages and send them to plumber(1) for display
               in an editor.

          -n   Use man2txt to format the pages (default).

          -p   Display the pages using wm/man.

          -S   Do not search the manual indices for the names: only
               print pages whose file names match the titles.

          -w   Print the names of the man page source files instead of

     MAN(1)                                                     MAN(1)

               formatting them.

          Man2html converts troff -man macro markup to an approxima-
          tion in HTML on standard output.  Only one file is processed
          at a time.  It is assumed the input file is a manual page,
          in the given section (default: 1).  The optional header
          string replaces the default header <HTML><HEAD>.  The
          optional initial text will appear immediately after <BODY>.
          The optional trailer string replaces the default trailer

          Man2txt converts troff -man macro markup to plain text.
          Each file is processed separately.  If no arguments are
          given, text from standard input is processed.  The converted
          text is written to standard output.  The -p option to
          man2txt specifies the page width in characters.

          Lookman finds the manual pages, in any section, that contain
          all of the keywords given as arguments, and prints man com-
          mands and manual references for them, one per line.  In a
          wm-sh(1) window, any of the man commands can be selected
          with mouse button 2 and sent as a command; a manual refer-
          ence can simply be plumb(1)'d using mouse button 3.  The -f
          option causes lookman just to list the file names.

          Sig prints the type signature - parameters and return types
          - of each function found in section 2 of this manual.

          /man/?/*      Source files of manual pages.
          /man/1/man    The source file for this manual page.
          /man/?/INDEX  Used by man and wm/man to locate the source
                        file containing a particular title.
          /man/index    The lookman index.

          /dis/man sh(1) script
          /dis/lookman sh(1) script
          /dis/sig sh(1) script


          Man2txt only knows about troff -man macros.  Other troff
          macro packages or output from preprocessors such as pic or
          tbl will not be presented correctly.