KEYBOARD(1)                                           KEYBOARD(1)

          keyboard, pen - character input for touch screen devices

          wm/keyboard [ -e ] [ -t ]

          wm/pen [ -e ] [ -r ] [ -t ]

          Wm/keyboard provides a soft keyboard for touch-screen
          devices.  Characters selected on the on-screen keyboard
          using a stylus (or mouse button 1) are passed to Tk via
          Tk->keyboard in tk(2). The -t option causes it to put itself
          on the wm(1) task bar from the start.  The -e option causes
          it to treat the `exit' button on the title bar as a request
          to put itself back on the task bar.

          Wm/pen provides character input using single-stroke gestures
          with the stylus (or mouse button 1).  The -r option allows
          the pen window to be reshaped.  Options are otherwise the
          same as for wm/keyboard.

          /lib/strokes/*.cl   Raw sample data for different stroke
                              sets (eg, letters, digits)
          /lib/strokes/*.clx  Compact canonical versions of the stroke