GRID-QUERY(1)                                       GRID-QUERY(1)

          grid: query - graphical interface to view resources
          registered with a known registry(4)


          Query displays the resources currently registered with a
          given registry(4) and allows the user to mount and browse
          through the namespaces they provide.

          Resource categories are displayed in the main window, open-
          ing any of these (by clicking on the '+' next to the name)
          will reveal the names of the individual resources within
          that category. Each resource has a set of attributes which
          may be viewed at the lowest level of the displayed tree.
          Clicking on a specific resource and clicking the Mount but-
          ton that appears will mount that resource (if possible) and
          display the imported namespace in a new window. From this
          window, the user can then browse this namespace as well as
          opening and running files. A shell window may also be opened
          to allow more complicated tasks to be performed.

          Clicking Search brings up a search window. Here, the current
          registry(4) may be searched for a resource containing the
          specified attribute names and values.  Refresh updates the
          list of resources in the main window in case any have been
          added or removed.


          Currently, searching for a resource on a registry(4) is only
          implemented in a very simple way. Given the attribute (name,
          value) pairs, the search will return all resources whose
          attributes exactly match the specified values.  * may be
          used to match any attribute value but not name.

          grid-localreg(1), registries(2), registry(4)