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     CHGRP(1)                                                 CHGRP(1)

          chgrp - change file's group or owner

          chgrp [ -uo ] id file ...

          Chgrp changes the group ownership of each file to the given
          id, if the file's server permits it.  The -u and -o options
          are equivalent and cause chgrp to change file ownership
          instead, if the file's server permits it.

          Normally, a file's group can be changed by the file's owner,
          if the owner is a member of the new group, or by the leader
          of both the file's current group and the new group, but var-
          ious underlying devices, file servers and host operating
          systems might not permit the operation at all.  Group and
          ownership changes allowed by a given device are documented
          by the device's manual page.  See sys-stat(2) for the varia-
          tions amongst host operating systems.


          chmod(1), ls(1) sys-stat(2)