BRUTUS(1)                                               BRUTUS(1)

          brutus - screen editor with support for SGML

          wm/brutus [ file ]

          Brutus is a multi-file editor for UTF format text files.

          When editing multiple files, each file appears in its own
          window.  Button 1 can be used to make a window current.
          Within the current window, button 1 selects text.  Double
          clicking selects text up to the boundaries of words, lines,
          quoted text or bracketed text depending upon the text at the
          point of the double click. Double clicking at the start of a
          line selects the entire line. Double clicking just inside
          various forms of brace selects text up to the matching
          brace, correctly handling nested braces.  Button 2 displays
          a menu of editing commands:

          cut    Delete the selected text and save it in the snarf
          paste  Replace the selected text by the contents of the
                 snarf buffer.
          snarf  Save the selected text in the snarf buffer.
          look   Search forwards and select the next occurrence of the
                 selected text.

          Mouse chording is implemented, as in acme(1). Dragging a
          selection with button-1 held down and then also clicking
          button-2 cuts the selected text into the Snarf buffer.
          Clicking button-3 instead of button-2 replaces the selected
          text with the contents of the Snarf buffer.

          Clicking button 3 extracts the whitespace-bounded string
          around the point of the click and plumbs it to the appropri-
          ate application (see plumber(8)).

          A brutus console window is always displayed from which new
          files may be opened or from which existing open files may be
          selected.  Typing


          in the console window will search for the character sequence
          word in the file associated with the current window. Typing


          in the console window will search backwards for the

     BRUTUS(1)                                               BRUTUS(1)

          character sequence word. If text has been selected in the
          current window the search begins from the end of the selec-
          tion if searching forwards and the beginning of the selec-
          tion if searching backwards.  If no text has been selected
          the search begins from the current insertion point.  Typing


          in the console window selects all the text on line
          linenumber and moves the window to show the selected text.

          If the first line of a file is exactly:


          it is assumed to be in SGML format and the contents are dis-
          played according to some predefined formatting rules. Tags
          of the form <font.size> are recognised and used to control
          the visual appearance of text. The font may be one of:
          Roman, Italic, Bold, and Type giving normal, italicised,
          emboldened, and constant width text.  The size may be one of
          6, 8, 10, 12, or 16, and determines the point size of the
          displayed text.

          wm/brutus listens for edit messages and plumbs text selected
          by button 3


          acme(1), cook(1)