AVR(1)                                                     AVR(1)

          avr - Atmel AVR support

          avr/burn [-e] [-r] [ -d device ] file.srec

          Currently there is just one Inferno application to support
          Atmel AVRs but others should appear.

          Burn initialises or verifies the contents of an Atmel
          ATmega128 AVR.  The programming board must be connected to a
          serial port (see eia(3)), /dev/eia0 by default.  File.srec
          is a file containing the desired flash contents in Motorola
          S-record format, as produced by ms2(10.1). By default, burn
          erases the AVR chip (both flash and EEPROM), then loads the
          flash with the contents of file.srec. The -e option stops
          burn from erasing first, allowing additional code or data to
          be loaded (but only into an already-erased region).  If the
          -r option is given, burn instead compares the contents of
          the AVR with the data in file.srec. Burn supports the MIB510
          programming board from Crossbow Technology Inc.


          eia(3), ms2(10.1)