ASM(1E)                                                   ASM(1E)

          asm, disdump - Dis assembler, Dis disassembler

          asm [-l] file
          disdump file...

          Asm reads one Dis assembly language file and translates it
          into instructions for the Dis virtual machine.  The output
          is written to a file whose name is created by taking the
          last element of the input file, stripping any extension, and
          appending .dis For example, the output file for abc would be
          abc.dis; the output file for dir/def.s, would be def.dis.

          The assembler has one option:

          -l   Generate a listing, showing the generated object code.

          Disdump prints to the standard output the Dis virtual
          machine instructions in each of its Dis file arguments.


          emu(1), limbo(1)

          ``The Dis Virtual Machine'' in Volume 2.

          There isn't a Limbo version of asm, which is therefore
          available only as a host command; but then again it is
          hardly used.