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srv - miscellaneous services from the host operating system


include "srv.m"
srv:= load Srv Srv->PATH;
Srv: module
  PATH:  con "$Srv";
  reads:  fn(str: string, off, nbytes: int): (array of byte, string);
  iph2a: fn(host: string)                : list of string;
  ipn2p: fn(net, service: string)        : string;


reads (string, off, nbytes)

The reads function will convert a substring of the given string str into a returned array of byte. The substring is defined by arguments off (offset) and nbytes (length).

iph2a (host)

The iph2a function calls the host's gethostbyname function for the argument host. The matching addresses are returned as a list of strings.

ipn2p (net, service)

The ipn2p function calls the host's getservbyname function for the specified network (net) and service name (service). The port number is returned as a string.

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