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changelogin - command to create/update the password file

changelogin id


The changelogin command provides an interactive mechanism for the administration of a password file /keydb/password, a requirement of 'signer' servers. If an entry for id exists, it is modified; otherwise, a new entry is created.

The user is prompted for the following items:

The user is prompted for a string at least 7 characters in length. The SHA digest of the entered string is stored in the password file. See sha, md5, sign, verify - cryptographic digests and digital signatures.

By default, the password for an existing entry is unchanged.

expiration date

The user is prompted for an expiration time in the format:

DDMMYYYY The user input is checked for valid day, month, and year; moreover, the new date must be later than the current time.

By default, the current value, if any, is unchanged for an existing entry and one year from the current time for a new entry.

free form info

Arbitrary administrative information.

The lengths of each value is subject to the size limitations defined by the Password Module (see get, put - read and write password entries in the password file).


Storage for password entries.

See Also
get, put - read and write password entries in the password file

logind - login daemon

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