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environ - environment for ITV toolkit to provide a graphics framework for a item collections

include "draw.m";
include "prefab.m";
prefab:= load Prefab Prefab->PATH;
Environ: adt
  screen: ref Draw->Screen;
  style: ref Style;


The Environ abstract data type collects the Style and Screen types necessary to specify how and where to draw Prefab items.

Specifies the Screen upon which items will be displayed.


Specifies the Style for items in an environment. To draw various items in different fonts or colors, the application should associate different Environ objects with the various items. (But see also the layout functions in prefab-element and prefab-compound).

See Also
Limbo Prefab Module in Chapter 12,

screen - type to define the abstract data structures for the windows on a display in Chapter 11

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