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Limbo Miscellaneous Modules

The remaining Limbo modules are as follows:
bufio - buffered input/output module

daytime: text, filet, gmt, local, now, time, tm2epoch - time conversions

devpointer - I/O interface for the pointer device

filepat: expand, match - file pattern matching

imagefile - processing external image file formats

ir - infrared remote control

mpeg - interface to the mpeg device driver

newns - build a new name space from a description file

pipe: fds, files - get read/write file pair for a pipe

readdir - read directory and sort files

regex - regular expression recognizer

sh - command interface

srv - miscellaneous services from the host operating system

string: append, drop, in, prefix, splitl, splitr, splitstrl, splitstrr, take, toint, tolower, toupper - string operations

volume - volume control for an infrared interface

wmlib - window manager toolkit

workdir - discover the name of the current working directory

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