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readdir - read directory and sort files

include "readdir.m";
readdir:= load Readdir Readdir->PATH;  
    NAME, ATIME, MTIME, SIZE, NONE: con iota;
    DESCENDING         : con (1<<5);
init: fn(path: string, sortkey: int):
                         (array of ref Dir, int);


The Readdir module reads the contents of the directory path and sorts the resulting array according to sortkey.

Each element in the returned array is a reference to one Dir element in the array formed by the dirread system call. Readdir also returns the number of entries read, or -1 on failure.

The sorting criteria for the returned array are based on sortkey as follows:

Sort files alphabetically by name.


Sort files by access time, most recently accessed first.


Sort files by modification time, most recently modified first.


Sort files by size, largest file first.


Files are left in directory order, unsorted.

If the value DESCENDING is OR'ed into any of the above values (except NONE) the order of sorting is reversed.

See Also

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