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Security Modules, Utilities and Daemons
auth, readauthinfo, writeauthinfo - authenticate a connection

certtostr, pktostr, sktostr, strtocert, strtopk, strtosk -encryption key conversion functions

changelogin - command to create/update the password file

connect, secret - interface to the Secure Sockets Layer device

createsignerkey - command to create signer key on authentication server

genSK, genSKfromPK, sktopk, dhparams - generate keys

get, put - read and write password entries in the password file

getstring, putstring, getbytearray, putbytearray, puterror- delimited I/O

IPint adt - `infinite' precision integer utility functions

login, getauthinfo - get an Authinfo adt from a certificate authority

logind - login daemon

manufacture - command to emulate set-top-box-id in ROM

randomint, randombuf - interface to random number device

register - command to register set-top-box identity with signer

sha, md5, sign, verify - cryptographic digests and digital signatures

signer, countersigner - daemons for set-top box authentication

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