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virgild - connection service for remote clients

lib/cs lib/virgild


The virgild daemon monitors requests for name service arriving on UDP port virgil. Those requests are translated into a network address via the local connection server (see cs - connection server daemon) and sent back to the requesting client.

Requests should be of the form:


The userid field is currently unused but must be supplied to satisfy the required syntax. The machine name can be a symbolic service name as described in db - connection service database in Appendix A. Such names are resolved against the /services/cs/db file on the machine running virgild.

The request is included in the response format:


The virgild daemon assumes that the local connection service has already been started.


If the machine name cannot be resolved into a network address, the virgild daemon writes a warning message to its standard error and reads its input for the next request. No notification is sent to the client. Clients are advised to arrange for a timeout on their translation requests.

The virgild daemon is (currently) single threaded.

See Also
cs - connection server daemon

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