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cs - start connection server daemon



The cs command does the following:

  1. Creates a file named cs in the /net directory
  2. Spawns a daemon process also named cs
  3. Terminates while daemon cs continues execution, monitoring read and write requests to the /net/cs file. Once the daemon process is running, application programs can write host names to /net/cs and read that same file to obtain the corresponding internet address. The requests can also symbolically name a service (for example, $MAILSERVER) that the daemon resolves by reference to the /services/cs/db file.

    The daemon process persists until explicitly terminated. If the daemon is terminated, the interface file /net/cs cannot be opened. The interface file, /net/cs, persists until unmounted from /net.


The cs command has no options or arguments.


Application interface to connection server daemon


Connection server service database

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